The Masters in International Development and Management of Global Affairs answers to an increasing demand for expertise in the field of international development and for connecting local experiences in development with regional and global evolutions.

It seeks to contribute to improve the knowledge and strengthen the capacity of the organizations involved in (international) development projects. Given that international cooperation for development is an especially complex and sensitive dimension of global politics, this masters seeks to equip students with the adequate academic expertise and professional skills for participating in various development initiatives.

In a multi-disciplinary context, international development studies examine social, political and economic transformations involved in development and key issues connected to globalization, inequality, poverty, gender relations, environmental degradation and other dimensions constitutive to development. Focusing on a global perspective, the Masters in International Development and Management of Global Affairs offers to its students new professional opportunities for working in international non-governmental organizations or bilateral and multi- lateral development organizations by connecting local academic initiatives to global evolutions in international development studies.

Selected courses:

  • Theories and strategies of international development
  • Introduction to management
  • Education systems and policies
  • Macroeconomy
  • Diplomacy and global affairs
  • International organisations
  • Gender and development
  • Project management
  • Migration studies
  • Social development in regional context
  • Post-Colonial African Politics
  • Internship

Benefits and competencies

The graduates of the Maters in International Development and Management of Global Affairs will benefit academically and professionally from the development of multiple professional skills:

– the capacity to understand the main political, social, economical and cultural processes involved in international development

– the capacity to critically examine the international development strategies elaborated and implemented by international development institutions

– the capacity to participate to the elaboration and implementation of international development projects and programs at the level of national and international institutions and organizations

– the capacity to elaborate and implement alternative development projects through civil society organizations involved in international development

– the competence to participate in the process of strengthening the institutional capacity of the actors involved in the Sustainable Development Goals agenda and in the Official Development Assistance

– the capacity to understand the complexity of international development as a multidimensional process, involving economic, social, gender, cultural, anthropological, and ethical dimensions

– the competence to propose solutions to the problems and difficulties inherent in international development programs

– the capacity to design research projects in the field of international development

– the capacity to promote the development assistance agenda and the international development goals at national and international levels

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