International Development and Management of Global Affairs

The Masters in International Development and Management of Global Affairs is addressed to those willing to be better equipped with academic expertise and professional skills for participating in the global space of international development. It also speaks to those interested in becoming development activists or simply better informed and more engaged global citizens.

In a multi-disciplinary context, the Masters in International Development and Management of Global Affairs explores social, political and economic transformations involved in international development. It examines key issues connected to globalization, inequality, poverty, gender relations, environmental degradation and other dimensions constitutive to development. Focusing on a global perspective, it offers to its students new professional opportunities for working in international organizations, NGO’s, private companies and local communities.

Main subjects: Theories and strategies of international development; Development education; Culture and development; Macroeconomics; Diplomacy and global affairs; International organisations; Gender and development; Humanitarian assistance and development aid; Project management; Migration; Social development in regional context; Post-Colonial African Politics; The final semester is focused on Internship, thus ensuring students’ participation in practices of development and establishing stronger connection with potential employers.

Career paths

The Masters in International Development and Management of Global Affairs responds to the growing demand for expertise in the area of international development. It seeks to contribute to improve the knowledge and strengthen the capacity of the organizations involved in development projects at local and international levels. Particular attention is given to development processes connected to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda and to the OECD’s Official Development Assistance.

Graduates will benefit from the development of the following professional skills: understanding political, social, economic and cultural processes involved in international development; critically examine international development strategies; participating in development projects; elaborating and implementing alternative development projects through civil society organizations; understanding the complexity of international development as a multidimensional process; design research projects.


Mădălina Mirea

Jacqueline Kraft

Mihai Cojocaru

Delia Ștefenel

Ștefan Lorinț