Online debate – Tuesday, October 18th 2022, 4:00-5:30 pm

Speaker: Dr. Sergiu Gherghina, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Glasgow (GB)
Moderator: Dr. Adrian Schiffbeck, Department of Political Science, West University of Timișoara (RO)

Participatory democracy has become a fashionable concept for scholars, politicians, journalists and citizens in the last three decades. This happens mainly due to its potential to increase the quality of democracy in societies. In spite of general positive attitudes towards participatory democracy and its promising characteristics, there are many instances in which ordinary people do not engage. This talk focuses on the reasons for which citizens do not participate and seeks to identify practical ways of action to increase participation. The evidence comes from previous research on the topic and from real-life examples. The discussion will also approach ways in which research and practice in participatory democracy are able to learn from each other for more efficient outcomes.

Dr. Sergiu Gherghina is an Associate Professor in Comparative Politics at the University of Glasgow. He worked previously at Leiden University, at GESIS – Leibniz Institute for Social Science, and at the J. W. Goethe University in Frankfurt. His main interests include legislative behavior, direct democracy, and Central and Eastern European politics.

The session is part of a project supported by the Bosch Alumni Network, inside the Participatory Governance Impact Field. The presentation will be followed by discussions and drawing conclusions / talking about potential further steps and perspectives of collaboration. You are gladly invited to take part at this event, which will take place on Google Meet, at the following link: Kindly be informed that if you are not signed into a Google or Gmail account, you cannot join using your mobile device, only by means of a laptop or a computer.