Analele UVT – Seria Filosofie și Științe ale Comunicării

Analele UVT sunt un jurnal academic care se concentrează pe aria filosofiei și științelor comunicării. Acesta este editat de Departamentul de Filosofie și Științe ale Comunicării al Universității de Vest.


Hypothesis is an open access, biannual, interdisciplinary journal that publishes in the fields of Philosophy and Social Sciences. It is associated with the Institute for Social and Political Research (ICSP), and reflects, among others, the research structure and interests of the institute. All published articles are evaluated by specialist referees through a double-blind peer-reviewed anonymous procedure.

Political Studies Forum

Political Studies Forum is an annual Open Access Journal, edited by the Department of Political Science at the West University in Timisoara. We publish research articles, especially in connection to Central and Eastern Europe. We also accept essays, book reviews and statements based on a theoretical argumentation.

Public Sphere

Starting with 2020, the students at the Department of Political Science of the West University in Timisoara have their own, annual scientific journal. We invite them to bring their contributions.